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Stop. Breathe. Relax.

Hello and welcome to ICM Cyber’s introductory blog offering.

I have spent the last week contemplating the information I would present today. I ruminated on what topics my clients and business associates would find pertinent and meaningful. Do I just welcome you and pitch an ICM commercial? Do I dig into a relevant challenge like the effect of home-based working on cyber defense programs? Do I focus on next generation cyber defense strategies like Risk Adaptive Models or Secure Access Service Edge?Ultimately what I concluded was the most valuable message I could offer was one of hope in our future.

There is an apocryphal curse attributed to the Chinese that offers an unwary individual the seemingly pleasant “may you live in interesting times”. It seems we are living this today. We encounter stressors everyday from social unrest, political infighting, family health, and financial woes. We stress and stress, and stress and it shows in my own life, and the lives of my family, friends and associates when I am granted the honor of their time and camaraderie. Frankly, it concerns me. A lot.

But then I am reminded of Sun-Tzu’s wise consul that “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity”, and applying that philosophy fills me with hope. Hope for a better more humane world. Hope that we will find a path to less challenging times.

When I apply a positive outlook to the more specific issues at hand in the business and cyber defense community I come to this fundamental conclusion: we have been restructuring industries and business operations for several years now. The challenges are not new or unknown. They are simply accelerating. It’s a “not so new” economy that wants to conduct itself in new and exciting ways. It's our job to adapt to those needs and that can at times seem hard, or scary or impossible. Especially when we are under stress.

My advice: Slow down. Measure your current state. Understand your challenges. Prioritize those challenges and then get ready to investigate and embrace new methods and toolsets to solve to successful outcomes. Seek out the advice of organizations like ICM Cyber, whose mission is to help you overcome obstacles and succeed.

In short – Stop, Breathe, and Relax. We are here to help.

Mark Mahovlich

Vice President of Strategy & Execution


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