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Symantec Replacement Strategy – Now or Never?

Due to my role at ICM Cyber, I routinely receive questions from clients regarding long-term cyber defense strategies, which methodologies are successful (and which are not), and what toolsets can be deployed to support those methodologies.

A frequent question of late has been “what is happening with the Broadcom acquisition and do we continue to invest in Symantec technologies?”

My general advice for Technology Provider vetting is that it is always important to critically review a toolset’s performance and future roadmap before you re-invest. This is simply a sound business practice that insures that your Cyber Programs are properly supported by quality toolsets. In other words, don’t simply renew for renewal sake or because you are emotionally invested in a brand.

I would encourage you to reach out to your Technology Providers and Reseller Partners for regular business reviews. We (client, Technology Provider, Reseller Partner) should all be in a perpetual state of fundamental execution and continuous improvement. Quality partnering behavior encompasses these standards.

Specific to Symantec, I would advise you that the time to seek replacement is now. My advice when the Broadcom acquisition first occurred was to be patient in order to learn Broadcom’s true intentions, but to begin diligence processes for replacement technology. I believe now is the time to invest in cloud-friendly, integrated risk adaptive platforms. My reasons:

1. Broadcom’s stated objective is to only support their largest enterprise accounts and they have conducted themselves accordingly over the last several months.

2. Broadcom’s recent renewal pricing models have included 50% or higher increases.

3. COVID Work-from-Home models require a new approach to cyber defense. From a technical and control aspect, they should be less reliant on “events” and built based on individual employee risk.

4. The rise of next-generation endpoints that outperform legacy tools.

5. Cloud Adoption and the need for unified, comprehensive information asset protection.

As I close out this message, I will take the opportunity to invite you to ICM Cyber’s 2021 Security Predications Webinar on December 17th (2:30PM ET).

You can register here:

This event is fast-paced and filled with content related to Cyber Defense trends. Did I mention the prizes? We clean out our prize closet as well. So, attend, have some fun, learn some interesting facts, and maybe, just maybe, win a prize.

Stay safe and as always – remember we are here to help.

Mark Mahovlich Vice President of Strategy & Execution


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